30 Second Tip: See How Google Sees Your Website

We hear questions about websites all the time! Here's our quick 30 second tip on how to see how your website is performing.


If you ever need to get a quick snapshot of how your website is performing - this is an easy way to get started.


1 - Open Chrome

2 - Click the three dots on the top right side of the screen.

3 - Click "More Tools" then "Developer Tools"

4 - Make sure that the "Audits" Tab is selected. 

5 - Select the correct settings for the audit you want to run before clicking "Run Audits."

6 - You are looking for all green scores. The closer to 100, the better!

If your scores aren't quite in the green, generally there are easy things we can implement to help you improve your score. Make sure to reach out if you have questions.