10 Ways To Market Your Business This Holiday Season

Here at The Social Brand we are getting ready for the holidays. We figured you are too, because they are coming, COVID or not! We knew you could use some easy, last minute ideas to keep your brand bright and fresh in spite of all the competition, so here goes.

  1. Gifts: What simple memento can you attach to your business contact information for distribution in the next 6 weeks? A candle, a candy stick, a tea bag, a disposable mask; all these items are inexpensive and easily packaged. 
  2. Social Media Platforms: Perk up your Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest account with a refreshed logo and cover page that ties in with your brand but looks seasonal.
  1. Gift Cards: Create an online certificate that is generated with a simple button on your landing page. 
  2. Greeting Cards: A personalized card with a sincere greeting keeps your name in front of your customers.
  3. Charity Presence: What charity can your client(s) join with you to support during this season?
  4. Contests: A well-publicized photo contest might be just the attention-grabber to bring engagement to your social media presence.  
  5. Giveaways: Similar to a contest, you can offer a prize for a valuable item. Even a gift card for one hour of your service could be of value.
  1. Calendars: For fresh and useful content, try a calendar widget on your blog or website. It’s a gift that keeps on giving every day of the year.
  2. Recipes: Tap into the human side of your business with a call for family recipes at this time of the year. To go over the top, ask for a photo of the completed dish, the original handwritten recipe and a typed rendition for ease of access. Your contributors may even be more motivated with a prize for the best presentation.
  3. Decorations: What decorations could you provide this year that might be an easy distribution for your company’s contact information? An ornament, a live wreath, a decorated Christmas cookie – all could easily be branded or personalized to your service industry in a meaningful way.

Remember the power of the picture. Your organic, clear, and well-lit photos will be your greatest eye-catcher for pulling interest into your social media content. Play with artistic filters occasionally but stick to simple photos for greatest impact.

You’ve heard it before: “Less is more”. During this busy time, focus more on smart hashtags and clever captions than on long and expanded verbiage. Are you sure anyone is taking the time to read your blog posting anyway?

There are so many variations to be aware of during the holidays: Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and the derivatives of other heritages. Be aware of the culture in your community and honor those culture differences accordingly. You will be humbled and educated by what you learn.

Remember the unique advantages provided by this insular time of COVID. Being cut off from in-person gatherings makes some people more receptive to online interaction. Honestly embracing the reality shows empathy and your company’s willingness to be present during this time.

Be sure to share the love and tag us in your creations! We all know the value of rich content marketing.

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7 Ways to Use Small Business Saturday to Promote Your Small Business

Here at The Social Brand, Small Business Saturday is one of our all-time favoriiite holidays... cause we kiiiinda love small businesses. With there being just two business weeks until our favorite holiday, we wanted to give you some great ideas to utilize this amazing holiday to promote your amazing small business!

1. American Express Resources for Social Media

Did you know that American Express actually founded this holiday in 2010? It was founded to encourage folks to encourage small during the holiday shopping season. If you're interested in learning more, here's more about that. Since founding the holiday, American Express has created some really amazing resources for small businesses to use on their social media, email marketing and in-store signage to promote your business on this holiday.

2. Special Promotions

Many consumers make a point of shopping local on Small Business Saturday. Having a special promotion will help you stand out in an overcrowded space for your consumers. A few ideas include:

3. Social Media Posts and Cover Photo

Promote Small Business Saturday and your subsequent specials using posts on your social media profiles. Take your promotion a step further by giving your profiles a makeover with fresh cover photos for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even YouTube.

You can use the American Express resources for these updates or even better, utilize Canva to create graphics that are on-brand with your company.

4. Google My Business & Online Directories

Gain the attention of consumers by updating your Google My Business to show that you are open, promote your specials, make a post, and even confirm your hours for the day. A properly optimized Google My Business directory listing is shown to significantly increase website and foot traffic significantly.

Additionally, take advantage of American Express's small business directory to help new customers discover your amazing small business! Learn more about American Express' small business directory here.

5. Cross-Promote with Other Small Businesses

Cross-promote with other small businesses with similar target audiences to broaden your reach. Cross-promotion allows businesses to share the cost of promotion, gain more attention, and share audiences.

Don't have time to organize a cross-promotion? Strengthen partnerships by promoting other small businesses on your platforms without asking for anything in return. After all, a rising tide raises on the ships.

6. Update Your Website

Although this may seem like common sense, ensure that your website is up-to-date to back up all the promoting you're doing. Enlist the help of a Small Business Saturday-specific landing page to showcase your specials, cross-promotions, and even special hours for the day.

7. Email Marketing

Utilize your email list to notify your subscribers of what your business is up to for Small Business Saturday and bring attention to your specials for the day. Need help drafting the email? Luckily, American Express has you covered with email marketing templates specific for Small Business Saturday.

Never sent out an email before? We recommend using Mailchimp for a free option (as long as your list is less than 1000 email addresses).

We hope these 7 tips help you have a stellar #SmallBusinessSaturday in 2020 despite all the setbacks we've had as business owners.