Facebook Tips for Marketing Your Contracting Business

We know your business is fun and exciting to YOU, but how can you show that to your customers? How can you grab their attention on social media, specifically on Facebook?

Lucky for you, Facebook is the perfect place for you to market your business, especially for contractors! In this blog, we’ll give you our top 8 Facebook Tips for contracting businesses that actually work. Are you ready?

1. Before & After Photos

Let your work speak for itself. Most service-industry businesses acquire new clients with word-of-mouth referrals. What better way to let your work speak for itself, than with a picture showing a complete transformation?

Our thoughts exactly.

You’ve seen the social media trends lately...the 10-year challenge, How it started/How it’s going, etc.. It grabs the attention of the audience quickly, while telling multiple stories at the same time.

By providing a ‘before and after' set of images, you are proving to your audience that you do what you say you’ll do, and that you made someone’s current situation buch better than it was before. You’re ensuring your value.

We know you’re not social media experts, so if you’d like a guide to help organize your content, it’s yours!

2. Timelapse videos of work

What’s a timelapse? We’re so glad you asked. 

A timelapse video is a specialized technique that can be used by the average person, and can even be done on your iPhone if you do not have a professional camera. 

This allows the action taking place in the video to appear much faster than it is in reality. Kind of like a “fast-forward” experience, but much more visually pleasing to the viewer.

An example of this would be in nature documentaries when they show clouds moving at a rapid speed.

This is a great example of a timelapse being utilized for a construction company.

Timelapse Key points:

Useful apps:

Here are 15 timelapse apps that are getting quite a bit of attention this year and will make your life a whole lot easier if you want to get into the timelapse game. 

3.  Pictures of the team/owners of the business

People connect with other people. 

In our digital age, it can be easy to forget that there are people behind screen-names, email addresses, text/direct messages, etc..

The loss of human connection has been very apparent in the recent struggles with social norms or even common courtesy and respect when conducting ourselves on social media. Cyber-bullying has presented itself to be a bigger problem than most could have expected and many truly judge a book by its cover, or should I say, by its social media profile. 

This is why being “human”, or “real” on social media is so crucial for businesses, now more than ever. 

By having pictures of your staff/team, creates an automatic rapport with a prospective or current client. It gives the audience immediate insight to who they will be speaking to, who will show up at their door, or who will be handling their money.  And if you can add fun facts about your staff/team, or hobbies they are comfortable sharing, that’s even better! This will allow more connection to happen. 

If “Suzy” loves to fish and she sees that the accounting manager is an avid fisherman, there is already common ground before any business is done. 

Our trusted friends at Sprout Social explain that when customers feel connected to brands, they are more likely to:

Which leads us into our next topic, personal photos.

4. Personal photos

Social media is all about people telling a story. Whether that story is about the lunch you ate that day, the workout you just finished, the client you just helped reach their goals, or the project that your business is currently working on. 

Consumers don’t just want the finished product, they want the beginning, middle and end. In addition to that, they want the “behind the scenes” or “what if” scenarios. All of which are part of your story

But, how do you get ‘behind the scenes’ on a brand? Look at your people.

Did you know that 70% of customers report feeling more connected when a business’ CEO is active on social media? (Sprout Social)

And that 65% of consumers feel more connected to brands that have a strong presence on social media? (Sprout Social)

In order for you to build that connection, try first by highlighting a blog your CEO wrote on LinkedIn, or a funny picture that one of your employees posted that would give your audience a good chuckle. 

Become friends with your employees and start making friends with your audience. Wouldn’t your ‘friends’ much rather see a real picture of your life, versus only seeing the perfect family picture? ..The answer to that is yes!

Get personal. It doesn’t have to be too personal, but just enough to give insight on your character, sense of humor and interests.

And this would be the perfect segway to chatting about team intros and bios!

5. Team Introduction posts (facts about the owners)

A team introduction post will showcase the people on your staff and highlight the humans behind the brand. 

As we mentioned in the previous section, 70% of customers report feeling more connected when a business’ CEO is active on social media. This would mean that the audience wants to know who the person running the company is.

What do they like? What other brands do they support? What do they do outside of work? 

In addition to the CEO, every person on your team matters. Each person has a specific role and responsibility and moves the needle of the business in some way or another. Each person contributes to your brand and has an opportunity to connect with your client. 

Team introductory posts are always intriguing because oftentimes they are unexpected by the audience and it gives some “behind the scenes” information that they didn’t have before. Pretty sweet, huh?

This builds a bridge of connection that could lead to your reader trusting your company and becoming a loyal customer. Or continue being one. Allow your team members to write some fun facts about themselves.

In a study done by Harvard University, researchers found that when a person shared personal information, it leads to activity in the ‘reward’ areas of the brain. Researchers also found that people enjoyed sharing those personal details if they knew that others were listening.

What better way to encourage your employees, bring content to your website/social media, and peak the interests of your audience!? There’s no downside to this. 

Start organizing your content now! 

6. What makes your business different from others?

If you have a business with employees who are comfortable with posting on social media, this is a great opportunity to get the word out about what makes your business stand out from the rest.

Do you support a charity? Play baseball as a team every month? Give bonuses just because? Send your employees congratulatory flowers when they have a baby or get married?

These are things that employees would probably love to share about, and that could separate you from other businesses. 

Do you send your clients gifts on Christmas? Or give them a complimentary service?

Be proud of what differentiates you from the rest, not ashamed. 

7. Testimonials

92% of consumers looking to purchase who are in the “consideration” stage, will read online reviews and testimonials before making a decision. (Vendasta)

92 percent?? Yes you read that correctly.

This means that if you want someone to hire you, you’ll need great testimonials and should be easily accessible, making the purchasing process the easiest it can be for the client. 

Whether your testimonials are on Google My Business or taken by video, you need them. Word-of-mouth is extremely powerful as well as helpful. 

So this begs the question, how do you get more reviews/testimonials? 

You can add a link into your email signature that directs your clients directly to Google so they can drop a quick and easy review. 

After you finish a project that went wonderfully, don’t hesitate to ask that satisfied customer to leave you a Google review. You can even send them a “before and after” picture of their own project to remind them of what it looked like before they were a satisfied customer.

And finally, ask if your customer would be willing to answer a few simple questions on camera of why they enjoyed your service so much. Testimonials are great content for social media marketing and perfect to post on Facebook.

8. Videos of your process

The process is important. It shows your client what they should expect if and when they hire you. It gives your audience another aspect of the “behind the scenes” and gives them insight into your company. 

This also helps you set the standard of a timeline and what the client can expect from you as a contractor.


(is your brain overloaded yet?)

Nothing about your business is cookie-cutter, mold-fitting, and your marketing strategy shouldn’t be either! 

As a contractor, we know that marketing can be intimidating. That’s why we are here to walk alongside you and help every step of the way. The Social Brand knows your business is not cookie-cutter and we know your uniqueness as a brand. People and results matter to us, and we connect the two.

We believe people are the foundation of business. You, your team, your customers or patients. Everything is about the connections we form, the impressions we give and the value we offer to one another. We will help you craft your brand’s first impressions to convert people into customers or patients. We want to see your business take off!

Meet The Team: Ryan

Hi 👋. I am Ryan, the Website and Graphic Designer here at The Social Brand. I handle everything regarding websites, including building, optimizing, and maintaining, to building brand assets, like logos and various printwork, for small businesses. I help ensure that other small businesses are building a digital presence that truly works for them, rather than against them.

I grew up in Maryville, TN in the Foothills of the Smoky Mountains. I originally wanted to be an environmental scientist with the goal of saving the Hemlock trees... After a semester I wasn't good at the whole math portion of science and changed my major to graphic design. While in college, I worked as a barista at Vienna Coffee Company and became a founding member of their marketing team after graduation. I currently live in Knoxville,TN with my dog June and wife Makenzey. We enjoy hiking, doing photography together, traveling, and serving our community with our church family. 

My favorite part of working with The Social Brand is the fact that the work we do through building other’s digital presence helps make small business owners and their employees lives better so they can focus and serve their own customers.

Some “fun” facts about me:

6 Marketing Tips for Facebook

Facebook was founded in 2004, and it is most certainly the most popular and important social media tool you can use to grow your business. In this blog, we will be laying out 6 Marketing Tips for Facebook that you as a small business owner can use to grow your business.

1- Consistent Posting

Everything in this day and age is fast-paced and ever-changing. The world is always looking for the next best thing.

To keep up with this speed, consistent posting is the key for your business to continue to move forward. 

We recommend posting at least 3 times a week, scheduling these posts so that they go out consistently. Then, feel free to share any other encouraging posts that you find, or even make Facebook Live videos to answer any questions your customers may have.

The more consistently you interact with your customers on Facebook, the faster they are going to get to know you and your business, and the more they will trust you.

You might even get to the point where people look forward to seeing what you have to post! And that is where you want to be.

“You might even get to the point where people look forward to seeing what you have to post! And that is where you want to be.”

2- Engage with your customers:

As we discussed in the previous section about keeping your posting consistent, the tailend of that is engaging with your customers when they interact with your posts. Anytime someone comments on your posts, or shares them to their personal page, they are engaging with your post. This is free marketing for your business, because these customers (or you can call them fans😎) are using their own personal platforms to affirm your business!

It’s important to acknowledge someone when they take time out of their day, and space on their personal Facebook, to talk about your business with the people they know. You want to show them you’re grateful for them and their support. Even if your mom is one of them.

Also, be sure to quickly respond to messages and comments when they are directly related to questions about your own products or services. You can always send a quick response with “Call us at 1-800-XXX-XXXX, and we’ll take care of you” if you are between meetings or busy working on a project, so you can get back to them later.

3- Limit use of Stock Photos when posting your content on Facebook:

You’ve probably heard us talking about what we think of stock photos, and we’ve also written some blogs about it. Since this blog is about Facebook tips to help improve your marketing, we had to include this list of stock photos do’s and don’ts.

Stock photos don’ts:

-make your content more authentic

-make your business look more professional. People want to see you and your team.

-build authority. Your potential customers will trust you more when they see you performing the services or products you offer.

-show control over your brand’s image. Stock images tend to poorly represent a brand, making your content look generic.

Stock photos do’s: 

-take less time to create content - but they make your brand seem more distant, and not as personal.

-make things easier (because you don’t have to get in front of a camera) and that’s why so many people use them - but, they don’t build trust between you and your customers.

-sometimes look cool! - but, they can make your content look repetitive. Chances are that multiple businesses will post the same content because there are limited free stock photos out there.

Your people, your customers, are the biggest tool you have. People connect with other people. You can build trust with a customer with something as easy as making customized photography a priority for your Facebook marketing.

4- Sprinkle in some personal posts:

“People are hungry for authenticity, for someone who can relate to them and understand them.”

Authenticity. Is. So. Important.

There are too many businesses that are being deceived into thinking that they have to be perfect and successful from the start to grow.

People are hungry for authenticity, for someone who can relate to them and understand them.

One of the ways you can be authentic with your Facebook marketing is by sprinkling in some personal photos into your weekly content. Do you have a picture you would like to share of you with your dog? Or your family?

Many people think that these types of posts should only be reserved for your personal page, but we disagree. We believe that you’re an asset to your business because YOU are the backbone of your business, so customers want to see more of you.

“There are too many businesses that are being deceived into thinking that they have to be perfect and successful from the start to grow.”

5- Facebook Events

Another great way to utilize Facebook for your marketing is to host events on your business page! You can set up a webinar on how you do a particular service or make a certain product, extending your expertise to your customers. Or, you can partner with another business to share the hosting of the event so you can reach both of your audiences.

These events can certainly happen via Zoom, or Facebook live. They’re a great way to give your audience a chance to become more familiar with you and your business. Interacting with you is a great way to build trust between you and your customer.

6- Giveaways!

This is definitely a customer-favorite.

Giveaways are always fun. It’s low-risk for the customer, and it gives you the opportunity to reach more followers on Facebook.

Most giveaways go something like this: “Like and Follow our page for a chance to win a $100 gift card!” and you are certain to gain more followers.

It’s a good way to add some more fun to your content, and add more engagement to your Facebook business page. We recommend giving your followers a couple of weeks for a giveaway, and make a regular post about the giveaway leading up to the day you pick a winner.


Now you have a little bit of a better idea of how Facebook can improve your business marketing.

The Social Brand specializes in creating compelling social media content that converts visitors into leads. We’re a vibrant, creative source of marketing strategy that works for your business and helps you accomplish even the craziest of goals.

Nothing about your business is cookie cutter, so neither should your marketing strategy. Together, we’ll create a completely custom strategy based on data that will deliver the results you’re seeking. There are no contracts for our ongoing services. The results will speak for themselves and we’ll earn your ongoing business.