About Working With Us

It’s not that we’re saying we’re the best company to work for...but we’re also not going to say that we’re not.

If you’re looking for a company that is different, that will see your talent and appreciate it, that finds quality clients to work with, whose team is excited to jump out of bed in the morning because we get to work --then you’re in the right place.
We are always looking to expand our rockstar team, are you the next one?

Working at The Social Brand is for You, if:

- You're interested in a remote position. You can work from home or anywhere!
- You're team-oriented and are comfortable sharing responsibilities with fellow team members.
- You are interested in a flexible work environment when it comes to time off, work hours and more.
- You value feedback and are able to receive constructive criticism on creative projects.
- You are a self-starter and enjoy working independently on tasks.
- You enjoy learning things continuously.
- You have a heart for small businesses and are people-centered.


The Social Brand exists to creatively promote human connection. We do this by helping business speak to the right people, on the right platform, in the right way.

A Few Words from Our Team...

Working at The Social Brand is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The freedom to be yourself and the helpful and supportive staff makes for a fantastic work environment. You are more than just an employee, you're a person here and you can tell that you are really valued and cared for.

Ryan Murr
Lead Designer

Working at The Social Brand has been one of the most fullfilling, challenging, and exciting ventures I have ever pursued. I thoroughly believe in the work we do for other businesses and the foundation we have built in our business alone. I know everyone is supposed to say “I love the people I work with”, but I sincerely do. Not only do I have a work team that enhances my strengths and pushes me to do my best, I have a work family that I can rely on no matter what.

Ashley Babaa
Operations Manager

Open Positions

Job Title: Full-Time Copywriter

The Social Brand is looking for a full-time copywriter. This position is remote, so applicants can be local to East Tennessee or beyond.

Job Description:
At The Social Brand, we work cohesively as a team on all projects. Being a team player and able to clearly communicate with others is important for the success of our team.

Ability to multitask
Self starter
Has a heart for small businesses
People centered
Continual learner
Team player
Fun yet focused work environment
GIF lovers (please apply)
Dedicated to continual growth of yourself and your team
Able to work on a wide range of brands in fast-paced structure

Creating written copy for the following formats
Website Copy
Marketing Collateral

-Background in marketing or content creation preferred
-Familiar with G-Suite products
-Ability to adapt writing style based upon client’s tone of voice and messaging
-Word ninja
-Deadline oriented

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