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About Working With Us

It’s not that we’re saying we’re the best company to work for
...but we’re also not going to say that we’re not.

If you’re looking for a company that is different, that will see your talent and appreciate it, that finds quality clients to work with, whose team is excited to jump out of bed in the morning because we get to work --then you’re in the right place.
We are always looking to expand our rockstar team, are you the next one?

Working at The Social Brand is for You, if:

- You're interested in a remote position. You can work from home or anywhere!
- You're team-oriented and are comfortable sharing responsibilities with fellow team members.
- You are interested in a flexible work environment when it comes to time off, work hours and more.
- You value feedback and are able to receive constructive criticism on creative projects.
- You are a self-starter and enjoy working independently on tasks.
- You enjoy learning things continuously.
- You have a heart for small businesses and are people-centered.

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