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8 turnkey trainings
Choose from one of our 8 tried-and-true turnkey trainings with all the things you need for a successful event
great for businesses at any stage
All trainings are applicable for any stage of business. From start-ups to well-established companies
posted and promoted on Facebook on your behalf
We will post the event and add you as a host for you to kickstart your promotion!
Q & A - with REAL answers
Time for questions and answers provided live in every event and we give real answers to your members. No sales pitch.
available in person or online
All trainings and workshops are easily hosted either online or in-person depending on your organization's preference
receive personalized marketing materials
We provide professional graphics, flyers and descriptions to help you promote your event
follow up packet for all attendees
Attendees receive follow up packet to help implement new information effectively
no sales pitch
No sales pitch for you or your members before, during or after the presentation. Just good information.
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What Others Have Said...

Having The Social Brand offer classes in the Farragut West Knox area has been a boon for our small business owners, members and non-members alike. The Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce has gotten fantastic feedback from these sessions, both in person and online. As an instructor, Victory is relatable, easygoing, but also clear and passionate about helping businesses utilize social media and digital platforms to maximum benefit. Her classes have high registration / attendance counts because she puts her own marketing expertise to work to promote them, and then delivers content that is on a par with the professional services her business provides for any client. Attendees who go to one come back for others because they’re that good and relevant.

Julie Blaylock

President of Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce (FWKCC)

Marketing classes are a tremendous asset to businesses. As a chamber, it is very important to us to be able to provide easy access to such classes to our member businesses. Having Victory available to teach virtual classes during this scary time in our economy is even more important. Our goal is to have our businesses come back stronger than ever and these classes will help with that.

Brandy Gentry

President/CEO of Monroe County Chamber of Commerce

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