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October 13, 2021

Holidays are Coming.. Have you Started Marketing?

It’s finally Fall! The holidays are coming, and we are ready!

We’re ready to roast marshmallows, hoard candy, slip into turkey-induced comas, and hang up Christmas lights. We’re ready to sing Christmas carols, host holiday dinners, and give out gifts. 

We are even ready to post and reveal our holiday marketing campaigns! Are you?

Holiday Marketing

Have you started marketing for the holidays yet? Have you at least planned some holiday marketing campaigns? 

In the service-based industry, you probably don’t have to worry about Black Friday sales or product coupons, but you still need to do something to get your brand in front of people.

To help you get started, we’re giving you 25 holiday marketing ideas!

Holiday Marketing Tip Listicle

Mail Outs

  1. Holiday postcards
    1. Design branded Holiday cards to send to current or potential customers to showcase any holiday specials or simply to spread some Holiday cheer.
  1. Handwritten cards to every client from the year. 
    1. Hand write individual cards for every client you helped throughout the year thanking them for their business and wishing them a happy holiday.


  1. Do a holiday version of your logo 
    1. Your logo can be a really simple way to show off your Holiday spirit. Add some Holiday themed elements or change the color scheme for an extra Holiday flare. 
  1. Give your website a temporary Holiday Facelift
    1. Even if your business is only online, spruce up your website with Holiday themes to show off your Holiday spirit.
  2. Add a holiday-specific download to your website 
    1. Downloads are a great way to share tips and tricks specific to your industry that can help your customers throughout the holiday season.
  3. Create holiday-specific landing pages on your website
    1. If you offer a specific service/product during the holiday season, add a holiday-specific landing page to your website to highlight that service/product and provide more information for your customers.

Social Media

  1. Update your Facebook & LinkedIn cover photos 
    1. Update any cover photos to reflect the holidays
  1. Holiday Posts
    1. Just like you would decorate a physical brick-and-mortar location, decorate your Social Media. Post Holiday content to create a festive and inviting atmosphere for your customers when they visit your page.
  2. Facebook/Instagram Live
    1. Host a Facebook/Instagram Live to connect with customers. Use that time to answer any of their questions regarding your services, policies, etc.
  3. Photo contest
    1. Host a photo contest on your Social Media to entice followers to engage (i.e. ugliest sweater contest, most creative Christmas trees, most festive pets). Have followers vote on their favorites and offer a reward (giftcard, etc) to the winner
  4. Post Holiday Updates on Google My Business, Bing, and other Local SEO
    1. Make sure to update any SEO Listings your business may be a part of with any holiday updates or holiday specific hours.


  1. Create a free guide (like this one!)
    1. Create a free guide for your customers offering helpful advice to get through the holidays that are specific to your industry.
  1. Best of 2021 Blog (celebrate wins of 2021)
    1. Create a blog highlighting the wins of 2021. We know this year has been one for the books, but there’s always a silver lining.


  1. Holiday wishes from your team
    1. Create a video with your team wishing followers a Happy Holiday or sharing some of their favorite Holiday memories.
  1. Behind the scenes during the holiday season 
    1. Create a video with your team showing followers what it’s like to work at your business or be you during the holiday season.
  2. Guide Videos. 
    1. Create fun and exciting videos that give your customers some guidance throughout the holidays. This can be creative or related to your industry (how to hang Christmas lights, how to put together a good gift basket, how to wrap presents, etc).

Digital Ads

  1. Update your Google Ads to reflect the season (show example of Christmas Google Ad)
    1. If you offer holiday specific services during the Holiday season, make sure to update your Google Ads to increase conversions for these specific services.

Small festive gifts/Referral Gifts

  1. Free Stocking Stuffers
    1. Hand out free stocking stuffers to any clients who come into your office during the Holidays (i.e. stickers, stress ball, small toy,  etc.).
  2. Holiday Specific Referral Gifts:
    1. Send out holiday specific gifts (Ornaments, Calendars, etc) to your referring partners that are branded with your business.


  1. Write out a Holiday Email to send to customers (mail chimp)
    1. Customize an email wishing your customers a Happy Holiday while promoting your brand.

Brick and Mortar Location/Fleet

  1. Decorate location
    1. Spruce up your location with Christmas decorations to create an inviting and festive environment for your customers.
  2. Host an Open House or Holiday Party
    1. Host an Open House/Holiday Party allowing customers and their families to come to your location to learn more about your services and enjoy some light refreshments. Consider having small activities for children to do to attract more families to attend.


  1. Charity Drive 
    1. Use your location to collect toys, food, etc for local shelters.
  2. Volunteer at local charities
    1. Have your team volunteer at local charity events (food drives, animal shelters, etc) to help your community and build stronger relationships with those around you.
  1. Local Events
    1. Set up a booth and participate in any local holiday shows, craft shows, or gift shows.


You have no more excuses! It’s time to get your Holiday Marketing Campaign going. 

You don’t have to agonize over offering discounts or coupons. Instead, take time to thank clients for their loyalty, to show off your brand, and to connect to your audience. 

So go on...spread some holiday cheer, and send us ideas you have that didn’t make our list!




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