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You, more than anyone, know that marketing can be a daunting task to tackle on your own. That's where The Social Brand comes in as a holistic marketing provider. With our expertise and comprehensive approach, we can help you take your business to the next level and enjoy the journey.
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From social media management and content creation to website design and SEO optimization, 
The Social Brand can provide a complete range of marketing services that will help you attract and retain customers. 

You can rest assured that your marketing efforts will be in good hands, allowing you to focus on what you do best - providing exceptional service to your clients.
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marketing services offered by the social brand

strategy + consulting

branding + graphic design


photography + video

professional copywriting 
+ content writing

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social media + content

email marketing

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printwork + swag

digital ads

pay per click

website analytics. worker checking traffic visitor report on web


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hosting + web maintenance

different levels of service available

We offer 3 different levels of service because we know that your small business isn't cookie cutter, so our approach can't be either.
done for you


We take care of everything with monthly check-ins for accountability and progress reports.


You take care of what you can and The Social Brand takes care of the "hard stuff" for you. 
do it yourself


You take care of your own marketing but The Social Brand is here as your guide and consultant. 

our marketing philosophy

strategy-first marketing...

As a service-based business owner, you need a solid marketing strategy for success. Our company has helped hundreds of businesses and developed a proven marketing roadmap for you to follow, ensuring effective and efficient marketing efforts.

our marketing roadmap to your success


Relationships are important. Work with our creative teams to define your "why" and authentically reflect your brand. You, your business, and your goals are important to understand. Researching your competition and your ideal customer will allow us to create a solid strategy with no dead ends. 


Together, with creative collaboration, we build, develop, and drive your brand. You will receive a strategic brand guide to utilize throughout your marketing, so your brand is consistent, recognizable, and trustworthy. 


Connecting with your audience is a key stop on your marketing roadmap. Targeted content like social media, videos, emails, blogs, newsletters, and more help to nurture connections and lead them down your marketing path. Content increases trust and converts leads to sales. 

lead generation

Growth happens when you can engage with your audience. With search engine optimization, paid ads, and strategic sales funnels, new leads can be directed to your compelling content so that you can offer your solutions (your services). 

not sure where you fall on the marketing roadmap?

Take the FREE Marketing Pathfinder Quiz to see where you're at in the marketing roadmap.

It's a fun and easy way to figure out if you're nailing it or if there are a few areas that could use a little love. Jump in now and let's see where your business stands!

  • Get Your Bearings: Learn if your marketing strategy is hitting the mark or needs a tweak.
  • Brand Check-In: See if your brand is helping you connect with your customers.
  • Content Insight: Figure out if your content is connecting or needs a bit more strategy behind it.
  • Lead Generation Peek: Determine if your business is ready to be spending money on paid ads and SEO.
  • What's Next: We'll give you some pointers tailored to where you're at, so you can take your marketing to the next level.

Ready to roll? Let's dive into your marketing world and uncover what's waiting for you!

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your business isn't cookie cutter, 
so neither is our approach. 

every option we offer is customized to your business' needs.
what our clients are saying
"Are the folks at The Social Brand knowledgeable? Absolutely. What truly sets them apart is how they are able to take a customers dream and turn it into a functional website or social media campaign. Victory and her team walked beside us every step of the way and helped us achieve the online presence that we wanted and were missing. I can't shower enough praises on them for making us feel welcome, wanted, and respected as a customer. We will continue to use them and highly recommend them."

Derek Jarnigan, Manning Windows
“The moment I talked to Victory and her team, I knew we picked the right business. They were very knowledgeable about what the product was, they knew the direction we were going, they asked the right questions. They wanted to know who we were and then catered a website to what our business really was about.”

Michelle Hearon, Hearon Construction
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frequently asked questions

how much of my time will this take?

The average small business owner spends 20 hours a week on marketing. We reduce that to just a few hours a month!

Ongoing clients get a monthly strategy session. Together, we discuss what’s happening in your business, content ideas, and your latest marketing metrics. We provide regular photography sessions so your imagery is always fresh and original. And we let you approve all content before it’s published.

One-time clients get a series of meetings throughout the process. We learn about your vision and preferences for the project. We find out what information has to be included. Then, we start creating. As we finish portions of the project, we’ll get your feedback so we can make adjustments as needed.

do I have to do all my marketing with you?

As a full-service marketing agency, we’re happy to cover all your digital marketing needs. However, we realize that you may not need all of our services — and that’s OK.

Maybe you’re already killing it on social media but you need help with your other marketing. Maybe you need us to create a marketing plan that your own team can implement. Maybe you just need a website. How much we do is up to you. We’ll never force you to add additional services to your package.

how does payment work?

You can pay for projects a la carte or set up monthly payments for ongoing services. We’ll work with you to determine the best option for your business.

who owns the marketing materials that The Social Brand creates?

As the client, you have full ownership of everything we create for you. It’s yours to use as you please. If we build you a website, we’d love to manage it, but you’re free to manage it yourself. If we create a marketing plan for your business, you can take it to any other marketing agency you want.

Our goal is to give you freedom in your marketing. We know every business’s needs are different, and we never want to box you in

do you just do social media?

Nope! Our name is The Social Brand because we believe everything about business is social. Your business grows through your relationships with your customers, suppliers, and employees. But social media is just one part of building those relationships.

We help you create a cohesive marketing strategy and the materials you need. From branding and website design to content creation and lead generation, we know how to skillfully support your business. See our full list of services here.

have any more questions?

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