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getting started 🎉

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a note from victory, founder + ceo
I'm so excited you're here! 🎉 Making the choice to be strategic in your marketing is a great one. We are so excited for you. It will allow you to be strategic about your budget, your time and your resources as you invest in your marketing.

On behalf of the whole team, thank you for choosing to work with The Social Brand. I know you had lots of choices when choosing a marketing agency, but we're thrilled you chose to let us guide you through this process. 

As a fellow business owner, I just want to let you know, I know this process is so important to your business. That's why we've worked so hard to hone in on this process to make it efficient and supportive for you. If there's ever a point that you don't feel supported or aren't getting the answers to your questions - please reach out to me directly.

a few things to keep in mind throughout the process

we love collaboration

That means this process will be interactive. We need you to participate in the process, be open to new ideas and information, and be honest with all of your feedback and input.

we love staying on track

That means we’re committed to keeping your project on time and moving forward. We also need you to be responsive throughout the process, responding to emails, communications, and requests in a timely manner.

we're here to help

If you need help or have questions, let us know. Don’t ever worry about “bugging us” — we want to hear from you! We’re here to help and support you, and that means you can reach out.

what to expect

marketing plan step 1

step 1

fill out the questionnaire
To get the process started, we ask that you fill out the questionnaire that's linked at the bottom of this page. Your time spent on this form will allow us to be as prepared as possible for our first meeting and dive right in! Most of our clients tell us that this form takes them about 20 minutes to fill out. If you don't know the answer to something, just say so and we'll circle back to it in our first meeting.

At this point, you can also go ahead and grant access to The Social Brand on any platform you would like to be included in your audit.

step 2

project kickoff meeting
In our Project Kickoff Meeting, we'll dive right into your marketing and we'll spend the hour talking through the your business goals, who your business is and all the things you've tried previously in your marketing.

In most cases, we'll discover additional items that we need access to during this meeting. So you'll likely have a bit of homework to wrap up before we meet again.

step 3

marketing audit
After your Project Kickoff Meeting, we will complete an exhaustive marketing audit for all your ongoing marketing efforts and collateral. Nothing is required of you in this step, The Social Brand will do all the heavy lifting here.

step 4

discovery meeting
In our second meeting, we'll review any other questions we didn't get to in our Project Kickoff Meeting.  We'll also ask you any additional questions we have from your marketing audit. We want to make sure that we understand the holistic picture of what you're doing and why, when it comes to your marketing.

step 5

competitive analysis
Now that we have the full picture of what's going on with your marketing, it's time to review the market and what your competitors are doing. We will do a complete competitive analysis to identify the current marketing strategies being employed in the market and identify the gaps that exist. We will screenshot everything that we find to show you specifics in our final meeting.

step 6

findings presentation
In our third and final meeting, we'll present our findings and recommendations to your for your marekting plan. We will show you everything we've found and give you the big picture of your own marketing, your competition and what we recommend for your strategy moving forward. This meeting is typically a lot of information, so we always try to make sure to leave time for questions.

step 7

This is the exciting part and where you'll really a big difference. Armed with your new marketing plan, you'll be able to implement your marketing plan with confidence, knowing that you are doing the correct things with the best strategies in place. The Social Brand is here to help, if you have questions or need help with some of the heavy lifting!

preparing for your project kickoff meeting

Now that we've painted the big picture of what to expect for the whole process, we want to make sure we're ready for our first meeting together. Make sure to fill out the form linked below as thoroughly and completely as possible. 

After you're done with your questionnaire, you'll be able to schedule our first meeting together.
Fill Out Your Questionnaire
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