speciality medical professionals

marketing for specialty medical
Working with caretakers is a specialty of ours.
Your heart is in what you do, so is ours.
In this digital age, creating a brand around your practice or facility isn’t just about marketing — it’s about patient experience. Establishing a brand that communicates your empathy and understanding of your patients, provides a consistent experience and makes your patients feel safe is important … and hard work.

Your branding and marketing doesn’t just need to exist online, but permeate throughout your entire system to provide a thoughtful experience for all parties - your staff, the community and most importantly your patients. 
Having an extensive background in the medical industry, The Social Brand is able to have a greater understanding of what’s needed in the medical and dental industries to best connect with your patient base.
of patients use Google before scheduling an appointment
of potential patients form an opinion about your practice after 1-6 reviews.
of patients expect organizations to provide consistent experiences across multiple touchpoints 
you know the quality of care you provide
Healthcare and dental marketing require tact, true understanding of the industry and deliberate attention to patient experience. We take care of everything you need.
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